Welcome to Be Still and Know that I AM.

I invite you to come and rest awhile, reflecting on the beauty of God’s creation and the presence of the divine in your own life. Our world is in chaos, as are so many lives affected by turmoil and fear–fear of terrorism, Ebola, political unrest, threats to our planet…the list goes on and on.

May the knowledge that God IS bring comfort to you. May these posts, brief thoughts about scripture, nature and other ways in which the Word is among us, be for you, like the tree is to the sweet bird in this photo, a place to find repose and the peace that the world cannot give.

Photo: David Slotto

Photo: David Slotto

Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46, 10


I welcome your comment and questions and will do my best to return a visit to your blog.

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