The Sin of His Father–Free Kindle Download


Today and tomorrow (March 1st and 2nd) I am offering my novel, The Sin of His Father, as a free download on Kindle. If you download and read, I would much appreciate a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads.

Thank you so much.

The Sin of His Father: a Story of the Healing Power of Forgiveness:

“Your father didn’t leave us, Mattie. I was raped.”These words, uttered by his mother on her deathbed, propelled Matt Maxwell into the fear that he could become like this man he never knew.

Abandoning the woman he loved, his closest friend, and a lifestyle that suited him well, Matt made choices that opened him to an unlikely friendship and a new relationship with the God of his youth. However, the terrible secret he harbored eventually took him down a path of self-destruction and alcoholism.

What would it take to embrace his truth, accept himself and his past, and discover peace in the power of forgiveness and love?