The Wayward Son–the Decision to Return Home



Many of us go through stages in our spiritual journey when we take leave of our spiritual home and go in search of something new and different, or perhaps easier.

Grounded as I had been in my religious practice, I also “left home” for a while. It’s hard for me to understand what I was looking for, because I never abandoned my spiritual seeking–I just wanted to look elsewhere. Perhaps for something easier, and I found myself unable to live up to the expectations I had set for myself–forgetting that salvation is not about what I do, but what God has already done for me.

The son’s leave-taking, as discussed in my last post, was about himself, but also about a search for his own pleasure and a defiance of his father’s love for him. What was it that brought him home–the total destitution that he encountered–his hunger for food.

He had no expectation of being received as a son, but figured that perhaps his father would accept him back as a servant. He thought that since he was feeding pigs for a stranger, perhaps his lot would be better with the Father, that at least he wouldn’t have to eat the slop he fed the swine.

When I decided to return home, I can’t explain why, exactly. I just knew it was time. I had to come face to face with my own delusions, my well-thought-out rationale for whatever it was I was seeking. It just happened that one day, I decided I missed my spiritual home. The loving Spirit of the Father drew me back. Perhaps you have read Francis Thompson’s poem, The Hound of Heaven, a poem about God’s relentless pursuit of us.

Have you had your own experience of leave-taking? Of home-coming? What drove you away? What/Who brought you home? Your sharing may help someone else.

Next week, I’d like to take a look at the older brother, the one who never left. We may find out that he needed to fall flat on his face, too–like some of us have.

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Words uttered by his mother on her deathbed, a mystery about his father that she had not confided to him, drove Matt Maxwell to fear that he could become like this man he never knew.

Abandoning the woman he loved, his closest friend, and a lifestyle that suited him well, Matt made choices that opened him to an unlikely friendship and a new relationship with the God of his youth. However, the terrible secret he harbored eventually took him down a path of self-destruction and alcoholism.

What would it take to embrace his truth, accept himself and his past, and discover peace in the power of forgiveness and love?