Power-Up a Prayer


Image: bridgepointchurch.org

Image: bridgepointchurch.org

Last night, at a Super Bowl party, I had a chance to talk to a woman with whom I have golfed. We had never really gotten to know each other—the golf course isn’t a place for in-depth conversation. I relished the opportunity to share faith, even though cheers and boo’s in the background sometimes drowned us out.

Our conversation turned to prayer. We spoke of a mutual golfer-friend who is battling pancreatic cancer and, surprisingly, seems to be beating the odds. She has the attitude and the will to win the fight but Eileen told me of the battalion of prayer-warriors she had enlisted to come to our friend’s aid.

More examples of significant prayer-needs and responses came up, but eventually, morphed into the more mundane ways in which the weapon of prayer has helped. I want to give just two samples of almost-trivial instances in which I have recently experienced the help of our ever-present God.

After remodeling our kitchen, I was responsible for putting everything away. My husband is a gourmet cook so that the tools of his “trade” were stored in boxes that filled the living room. At one point, I became almost desperate looking for glass cleaner in the midst of this mass of boxes and packaging material. Finally, I asked God to help me find it and in that very instance I spotted it (in a most unlikely place, of course.)

The second—an on-going challenge—is our sweet Jack Russell Terrier who is totally deaf. Now, this is normally a hyperactive breed. When I walk her, she goes ballistic whenever a bike, jogger or car goes by. Because of her inability to hear them approaching, she is scared. She also has a degenerative spinal disorder and we need to protect her from injuring herself in that crazed, reactive state. WHEN I remember to ask God’s help before we go for a walk, it seems to go so much easier—less traffic, perhaps. But more often, I am more relaxed, less impatient and she can sense that. When I forget…well, we won’t go there!

I trust that God is just waiting for us to come to him for help—no matter how banal the request may be. After all, he is our refuge, our stronghold, our God in whom we trust.

Meet Zoe--our JRT Photo: David Slotto 2014

Meet Zoe–our JRT
Photo: David Slotto