A Humble Prayer in Time of Old Age

Be my rock of refuge,
a stronghold to give me safety,
for you are my rock
and my fortress.

Psalm 71, 3

Photo: Victoria Slotto

Photo: Victoria Slotto

My Bible gives the title of this post to Psalm 71. As I face the reality of old age, it’s so easy to fall into worry-traps. Already prone to that weakness, I fill the pages of my journal with “What if’s.” What if there is no one to care for me? What if we run out of money? What if my husband needs care and I am no longer able to care for him? What if, what if, what if…?

In Psalm 71, the psalmist deals with his aging by calling on God for protection.

In my more sane moments, I look back on my life and celebrate God’s constant care. When I made a move, a significant life changing decision, God put my husband in my life to help me navigate a complicated world. When I needed a kidney transplant, a co-worker offered one of her’s to me. This list could go on and on.

Aging is a time to focus on our relationship with the Divine, It is a time to live in the present moment, a time to trust that all shall be well because our God is in charge.

Clearly, I need to return, time and again, to the prayer that is Psalm 71. Worry is not an option.

Photo: The Telegraph, UK

Photo: The Telegraph, UK

3 thoughts on “A Humble Prayer in Time of Old Age

  1. ladynyo says:

    Victoria, you have redirected me to something very valuable and important with this piece. I am also facing old age and being diabetic is a burden. I need to read this over and over, and also put aside my own arrogance about God, regardless the past history of religious fundamentalists who use God to maim. I need to seek out God on my own terms. And I need more gratitude.

    Bless you, dear heart.



  2. lynn__ says:

    Thank you, Victoria, for encouraging us away from worry to trust. I plan to share this with an “elder” friend but need it myself as well.


  3. I agree Victoria we can worry all we like but in the end we deal with what life puts before us. I am beginning to understand the challenges of ageing, it is not easy in fact at times it sucks bad.
    But we carry on for we have the capacity no matter what and the faith we hold to get through our adversities and trust in Gods love. I think we want to be more an inspiration than a burden. But even then trusting those around us will show the love we showed them in our hour of need.
    I enjoyed reading this post today.


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