Photo: D. Slotto

Photo: D. Slotto


There is no greater love than this, than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. John, 15:13

All the glory of fall—
cloudless blue skies to complement
the orange-red-yellow of the maple
that drops her leaves
on my shoulders and head as I

crouch in cool grass,
slowly stroke stain on thirsty
redwood. The color trickles in rivulets
till I sweep it with my brush.

Life is textured like this wood—
creviced, split, dry,
oh-so-dark in places.
I water it with pain(t).

Here, in my almost-backyard
(not Newton or Columbine or
Virginia Tech),
but here, a teacher and a boy
have fallen, like the leaves,
into a pool of crimson tears.

A year ago, tomorrow (the 21st), we experience a school shooting in our community. A courageous and well-loved math teacher was killed trying to protect his students. Also, the young, disenfranchised shooter died, taking his own life.

In memory of  8th grade teacher, Mike Landsberry, who gave his life a year ago today protecting children at the Sparks Middle School shooting, and with thoughts for the young boy who felt so desperate. Prayers for all those who were affected. 

Photo: KTVN News Channel 2

Photo: KTVN News Channel 2

Poem originally posted on my poetry Blog:  10/21/13


2 thoughts on “Bleeding

  1. lynn__ says:

    A fitting tribute and beautiful memorial to precious lives “fallen, like the leaves, into a pool of crimson tears”. If only desperate people could know that Jesus shed his blood on dry wood so we wouldn’t have to.


  2. A teachers worst nightmare must be having to confront a student with any sort of weapon. Thankfully I was spared that, the worst thing might have been being told where to go a few times.
    Giving your life for anyone is a very selfless gift, for students in your care the ultimate in sacrifice. It is sad to reflect on such things Victoria, that our world has become a place where violence is the only solution for some people including using it on yourself. Thanks for today’s post gave me much to think about and be grateful for.


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